Online Conference, 25-26 March 2021 | SDN Symposium
SDN Symposium
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16:00 - 17:30


Resilience Making, Co-Citizenship, Design Education, Visualisation

In pursuing the common good, resilience is often promoted as a key concept relevant to addressing complexity and uncertainty in the face of social and environmental challenges. While the concept should not be used without caution, it has helped us to develop an adequate pedagogical response to purposefully use design’s ability and its inherent creativity to seed change towards futures of sustainability by working with ‘resilience making’ as urgent, creative and adaptive action to promote collective design agency. In our workshop we would like to continue this dialogue in a creative way, trying to collect more "seeds" of what could constitute the ‘common good’ and what eventually could inform and inspire design action.

Workshop organizers


Participation is limited to 20. First come first serve basis.

A short introduction (some get to know each other) is followed by a workshop aiming to collected stories/ examples/ inspiration around the theme of the common good. This collection is guided by using analog and/or digital tools. We introduce collage/paper cut as a method to quickly visualize ideas, but can also invite the participants to a digital whiteboard platform like

After this introduction of the practical part of the workshop, we (the authors) are going to share our experience of working with ‘Resilience making’ as design-led adaptive action in an international BFA in design in a short talk. We will focus on how we in this work, exploring existing examples of care for places, resources and people – care towards the common good – that can be found in our local environment with the students and how this inspires further design work.

We end the session by sharing each other’s example, hoping that we end up with a small, collective library of what constitutes ‘common good’ and what eventually can inform, enrich and inspire design contributions.