Online Conference, 25-26 March 2021 | SDN Symposium
SDN Symposium
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14:00 - 17:00


Soundscape, Landscape, Acoustic Ecology, Common Good, Commons, Periphery

Where does perception end and design begin, or is perception principally to be understood as design? In the intercultural sound project peripher_ies we compare and interpret soundscapes produced with field recordings by the participants. In Just listen! we will do the same; we record soundscapes to develop approaches to the idea of landscape as a designable common good. Can we understand design as an activity of jointly developing rules and procedures to guide practical aesthetic action? What do we need for an ecological understanding of mutuality? Listening carefully prevents us from turning to existing concepts too quickly and from using well-known classifications and hierarchies.

The workshop includes an introduction to soundscapes with a short introduction to field recording. The second part contains individual field recording exploration followed by a listening session. We finalize the workshop with the principal discussion on sound-/landscape as a designable good.

Workshop organizers


Participation is limited to 16. First come first serve basis.

Technical Requirements:
– Videoconferencing
– Online-Storage for up-/downloads of Audiofiles and Slides
– Sound-Recording: The participants need equipment for Sound-Recording. A Smartphone is fine with access to your computer. Field recording equipment and external microphones are great if available.

Length: 3 hours.