Online Conference, 25-26 March 2021 | SDN Symposium
SDN Symposium
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14:00 - 16:00


Communication, Decision Making, Common Values, Networks, Public Interest Design, Inclusive Practices, Ethical Approaches

(Re)organization of communication structures and decision-making protocols based on shared values between practitioners for the Common Good
Design for Common Good (DCG Network) is a coalition of four international networks (SEED Network, designbuildXchange, Live Projects Network, and Pacific Rim Community Design Network) that work together to document and advance systemic change in the public interest. Each of these organizations reflect the greater scale and growing relationships needed to create truly sustainable projects and positive change in communities worldwide. While each network has a unique focus, their mutuality supports the advancement of excellence in public interest design, a practice characterized by inclusive practices, ethical approaches, and sustainable methods. As a call for action, they share the position that design projects require a new social contract that addresses the growing inequality and inability to utilize constructive relationships.

Within the workshop we will reflect on the following questions:

  • How can we define common values?
  • How can we build organizational structures for (ex)change centered on shared values?
  • How can we ensure that our social contract not only supports the independent developments of each network partner, but also the mutually constructive relationships of the joint network?

Workshop organizers


Participation is limited to 25. First come first serve basis.

The workshop methodology is based on the DCG Network as a case study. In an introductory session the experiences of network members will be shared. This will include findings from an ongoing collaboration with an external expert to develop communication and collaboration guidelines for the network. Relevant questions will then be discussed in smaller breakout sessions and the responses recorded on an online whiteboard (Miro). The findings of the breakout groups will then be evaluated and presented in a final group session.

The workshop forms part of the ongoing open development process of the DCG Network in defining shared values, adopting rules and regulations, and meeting aims and expectations in order to practice and expand the concept of design for the common good.

A) Presentation and exchange of experiences with the DCG network (15 min)

B) Breakout work sessions, event storming format using an online shared whiteboard (40 min)
The shared starting point would be a DCG Network Venn-diagram featured on the whiteboard.

Four breakout sessions will take place, each session will be dedicated to one of the partner networks.

Four topics will be discussed in relation to the specific network of the breakout session:

  1. WHAT are the key values/purposes/reasons of the existing network?
    Actual purposes and values
  2. HOW is the joint work currently carried out?
    Communication, decision-making policies, operation mode
  3. WHAT is considered best about current practices and in what areas should improvement be sought?
    Achievements and aspirations
  4. What is working well for the individual network within the DCG and in which specific areas would we like to see changes/improvement?
    Expectancies and deliveries

C) Presentation of the results of the working groups (20min)

D) Break for participants/moderators to collate the conclusions (15min)
The Venn-diagram will be restructured according to the four breakout topics. The final diagram will highlight the shared values, strategies, policies and expectancies of the Design for Common Good Network.

E) Conclusion and discussion (30 min)
The moderators summarize the outcomes of the interactive workshop.
The participants define agreements for shared strategies, values, communication policy and goals.